XPT • Product feeder elevator

XPT • Product feeder elevator

Areas of applications

  • Processes where product has to be lifted (for example, tablet fillers).
  • Controlled product feeding applications.


  • Tablets.
  • Powders.


  • Fast cleaning.
  • Ergonomic.

Standard operational description

Product feeder elevator

  • The hopper has 3 main positions: horizontal low, horizontal high and dump position.
  • At the horizontal low, the operator will drop the product along the width of the hopper.
  • The operator turns the selector switch to the “UP” position, maintaining the signal (otherwise, the selector switch will return to the stop position at the center).
  • A limit switch will signal the control to go slow when the hopper reaches the horizontal high position.
  • The hopper tilt is coupled to the last inches of travel
  • The operator turns the selector switch to the “DOWN” position until it reaches the horizontal low position.
  • Different sequences can be programmed; contact factory for assessment.

Pre-engineered accessories

  • See the Ancillary Equipment section.
  • Your accessory: give us your requirements, we will custom-design it at affordable prices.


  • Automatic flow control.
  • Hopper cover: 1/4” polycarbonate clear hinged on the hopper to avoid dust and contamination.

Mechanical specifications

  • Hopper material: stainless steel 316, gage 12.
  • Frame material: anodized aluminum structure.
  • Frame finish: polished to a #4 finish.
  • Weld finish: continuous heli-arc welds, grounded and polished.
  • Reducer: direct-mount, vent-free aluminum alloy housing.
  • Bearings: four-bolt flange bearings, permanently lubricated.
  • Supports: stainless steel tubing with casters.
  • Mechanical specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

Ordering information

  • Product specifications: tablet size or powder sample.
  • Product material specifications.
  • Infeed and outfeed height.
  • Flow requirements.
  • Custom application: contact factory for assistance.

XPT • Product feeder elevator

Slide unit

Hopper width
XPT-S01-C-Z-0050 Ball screw linear drive 50”
XPT-S01-C-Z-BBBB Ball screw linear drive BBBB
Z = Height