Raised chain assembly bracket| Top slide rail

Raised chain assembly bracket

Raised chain assembly bracket
Used to support the top chain track over the conveyor beam, allowing an open area between the top and bottom sections of the conveyor. This open area can be easily accessed for cleaning purposes. The raised chain assembly bracket is clamped to the conveyor beam, so that no drilling or welding is required. It is also used to support other components, such as the guide rail brackets.

Top slide rail
UHMW-PE is used over the stainless steel top slide rail support to provide a low friction rail for the conveyor chain. Available in 10ft. long straight sections; intermediate lengths can be cut as required.

Stainless steel top slide rail support
Provides the continuous surface on which the top slide rail is mounted. They are installed on the conveyor on the slots on top of the raised chain assembly bracket. Available in 8 ft. long straight sections; intermediate lengths can be cut as required.

Material specifications
Refer to the material specifications table on the technical reference catalogue in the downloads area.

Ordering information
1. Determine the amount of raised chain assembly brackets required. Remember not to exceed 16” between them.
2. The mounting hardware is included with every raised chain assembly bracket.
3. Determine the length of stainless steel top slide rail support and top slide rail required for the conveyor. Two lengths of each one are required for each beam length.

Raised chain assembly bracket
XACE 62×98 Raised chain assembly bracket
Note: Mounting hardware included.
XACR 3048 Top slide rail
Length 10’-0”
XACL 2438 SS top slide rail support
Length 82’-0”