Guide Rails

Guide rails are used to guide the products being conveyed, and to prevent them from falling off the conveyor. The XA/XE conveyor system includes a versatile system of guide rails and guide rail brackets which make it possible to accommodate many different product sizes and shapes. If your product requires special guide rails, contact us.
The guide rail is made of solid UHMW-PE to provide a sanitary surface without crevices. A 14-gage stainless steel sheath provides rigid streamlined support for heavy loads at any speed, plus a solid connecting point for holding the rail in place with clamps and brackets.
The UHMW-PE guiding surface is available in different shapes. The very low friction characteristics of UHMW-PE allow products to move at high speeds with minimum drag, container damage, and noise.

Material specifications
Refer to the component materials table on the technical reference catalogue in the downloads area.

Technical specifications

  • For optional guide rails contact factory.
  • Component specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

Ordering information

  • Guide rails available in 10ft. lengths only.
Connecting sleeve Guide rail union
(connecting sleeve)
XARG 102

XA/XE • Guide rails

Wide flat
guide rail
3048×18 FS
Insert wide flat guide rail
Y= 10’-0”
Round guide rail
3048×18 RS
Insert round
guide rail
Y= 10’-0”
Sanitary flat guide rail
3048×18 FP
Wide flat guide rail


Sanitary round guide rail
3048×18 RR
Rigid round guide rail
Sanitary round guide rail (flexible)
3048×18 RP
Flexible round guide rail