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Conveyor beam
The conveyor beam is the base of the system. All other components will be attached to it to build a complete conveyor. The inside of the beam works as the return track for the conveyor chain. It is delivered in straight 8ft long sections, intermediate lengths can be cut as required.

Slide rail
A plastic slide rail is used to provide a low friction track for the chain. This type of slide rail is suited for high-speed applications (>131 ft/min), high accumulation loads, or where cleanliness is important.
Plastic screws (10-32) are used to fix the slide rail to the beam.

Material specifications
Refer to the material specifications table on the technical reference catalogue in the downloads area.

Tools and accessories
Connecting saddle
Used to connect two beams or components together. It provides two pilot holes, which can be used to fix the joint with a bolt.

Non-metallic conveyor beam section
Provides a metal free area, to be used whenever a metal detector is integrated to the conveyor.

Special tools are available for installation of the slide rail. See the assembly manual where installation of the slide rail is described.

Ordering information
1. Determine the number of beams required. Beams are 8 ft. long. The non-metallic conveyor beam standard length is 36”. For special lengths please provide dimensions.
2. Determine the length of slide rail required. Two lengths of slide rail are required for each length of track. Do not forget bends, drive units, etc.
3. Estimate the required number of plastic screws (10-32) for the slide rail. Two screws are required for each separate piece of slide rail. The screws must be ordered separately, and are sold in multiples of 25.
4. Determine the number of connecting saddles required: one (1) for each joint between straight beam sections, two (2) for joints between curves and straight beam sections. Drive and idler units already provide the connecting saddle as part of the assembly.

Conveyor beam
XACB 2438 Conveyor beam
Length 8’-0”


Slide rail
XLCR 25 U Slide rail
Length 82’-0”


Tools and accessories
XACJ 203 Connecting saddle
Length 8”
Note: Mounting hardware included.
XACB 0914 NM Non-metallic
conveyor beam section
YYY= 36”
XACB 0914 NMC Custom non-matellic conveyor beam section
Custom part ordering information:
• YYY dimensions required
3920500 Drill fixture for slide rail
XLMR 140 Mounting tool for slide rail