Beam support | Double beam support | Beam brace

Beam support leg

Conveyor support
Support components are:
• Support leg components
Feet components
Conveyor support bracket components

The conveyor must be supported at regular intervals not exceeding 8’-0”. There are two types of support legs:
• Standard support leg
• Double support leg: used to support two (2) parallel beams with one support leg (center distance 12-19/32”).

The stock length of the support leg is 36”; cutting will be required depending on conveyor height.

Material specifications
Refer to the material specifications table on the technical reference section in the downloads area.

Tools and accessories
Beam support brace
Used to add more rigidity to the standard support leg only. It is recommended for portable conveyors, whenever casters are used in the standard support leg.

Ordering information
1. Standard support leg includes one (1) beam support leg and one (1) wedge assembly.
2. Double support leg includes one (1) double beam support leg, one (1) joint plate and two (2) wedge assemblies.
3. The wedge assembly is used to mount the support leg with the support brackets.
4. Beam brace includes one (1) base bracket, one (1) connecting rod and one (1) mounting collar.

Beam support
XAFF 38×914 S Standard support leg
Note: Mounting hardware included.


Double beam support
XAFF 38×914 D Double support leg
Note: Mounting hardware included.



Beam brace
XAFB 38×524 Beam support brace
Note: Mounting hardware included.