BXC • Counter flow buffer system

BXC • Counter flow buffer system

Areas of application

  • Balance production output between equipments whenever they experience cycle differences and/or scheduled and non-scheduled stoppages.
  • Balance indexing to continuous processes and vice versa.


  • Round bottles.
  • Square and rectangular bottles with aligner system.


  • Minimum changeover for different size products.


  • First In Random Out (FIRO).

Pre-engineered accessories

  • See the Ancillary Equipment section.
  • Your accessory: give us your requirements, we will custom-design it at affordable prices.


  • Dynamic control: the Counter Flow buffer changes speeds according to the requirements of the line, maximizing buffer capacity.
  • Aligner unit: aligns the product into its proper orientation.

Mechanical specifications

  • Frame material: stainless steel 304, gage 12.
  • Frame finish: polished to a #4 finish.
  • Weld finish: continuous heli-arc welds, grounded and polished.
  • Reducer: direct-mount, vent-free aluminum alloy housing.
  • Bearings: four-bolt flange bearings, permanently lubricated.
  • Belt slide rail: UHMW polyethylene wearstrips.
  • Belt: thermoplastic (Acetal) chain.
  • Sprockets: reinforced polyamide.
  • Supports: stainless steel 1-½” square tubing with XAFS 15 VH ground base.
  • Mechanical specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

Buffer analysis requirements

  • AutoPak will conduct a mathematical analysis to evaluate the efficiency impact on your packing line; contact us.

Ordering information

  • Product specifications: length, width, height, weight and line speed for each product.
  • Product material specifications: plastic (HDPE, PET, etc), glass, corrugated carton, press carton, etc.
  • Buffer time required.
  • Space available.
  • Custom application: contact factory for assistance.


BXC • Counter flow buffer system

Belt width

Buffer length Belt type
BXC-C01-0-YYY-X-X1-X2 X&X1&X2 Y Straight running