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• Feeder: feeds product at the start of a line.
• In-line buffer: buffers the product prior to a machine.
• Accumulator: accumulates the product prior to a manual station.
• Reject: accumulates the rejected product on an inspection station.


• A turntable consists of a rotary top where the products accumulate.
• The rotary top is attached to a stationary base.

• The operator manually loads the product into the turntable, without any particular orientation.
• The feeder orients the product and feeds the line.

In-line buffer
• The product enters through the infeed guides and exits on the outfeed end.
• Upon a backup, the empty space of the rotary top fills with product.

• Prior to a manual station, the product enters the top plate.
• The operator picks up the product to perform the manual operation.

Material specifications
Refer to the material specifications table on the technical reference catalogue in the downloads area.

Technical specifications
• Top diameter: 45-3/4” and 18”.
• Variable speed: 5-10 RPM.
• DC electric motor:
• 45-3/4” diameter top: 1/2 HP.
• 18” diameter top: 1/8 HP with electric speed control.
• Input electrical power:
• 45-3/4” diameter top: 115VAC, 5 amp.
• 18” diameter top: 115VAC, 3 amp.
• Single guide rail with stainless steel sheath and UHMW-PE insert to minimize friction.
• Stainless steel safety guards cover drive components.
• Continuous heli-arc welds, grounded and polished.
• Wash-down (with wash-down motor).
Component specifications are subject to changewithout prior notification.

Design recommendations
• A product tray is recommended to help place the product into the feeder.
• A powered orientator is required for non-round bottles.

In-line buffer
• A powered orientator is required for non-round bottles.

• An ergonomic station is recommended for all manual operations. Consult system builder for ordering information.

Ordering information
1. Electrical hardware and electronic speed control are included.
2. For custom parts, provide size and weight of package or product; unless other information is indicated on drawings specification.
3. For custom unscrambling unit, provide size and weight of package or product.

AETT 045 45ӯ turntable
Height = 36” ± 1-1/2”
AETT 018 18ӯ turntable
Height = 36” ± 1-1/2”
Custom turntable

Turntable guides

AETT GF Feeder guide
AETT GA End accumulator guide
AETT GI In-line accumulator guide
AETT GR Reject guide


Turntable accessories
AETT FSA Feeding shelf
XX=12”, YY=15”, ZZ=2”
Custom feeding shelf
AETT GPTP Parallel transfer plate
AETT DG Double guides
AETT GITP In-line transfer plate
AETT UU Unscrambling unit 4ӯ
Custom unscrambling unit
XAAG 100S SS caster with brake
Refer to XA catalog,
conveyor support
Zinc plated caster with brake