• Provide product separation.
• Control product flow.

• It is an independent rotating device, which can be attached to a conveyor to control the product flow.
• Can be adjusted for different sizes of products by using the hand wheel.
• Provides a numeric counter that can be used to record different set-up adjustments. The rotating wheel has to be adjusted until the product is confined against the guide rail.
• By setting the spacing wheel speed, the product flow can be reduced or even stopped (depending on the application). The slower the speed, the larger the gap will be between products.

• By rotating a single hand-wheel, the operator can open or close the spacing wheel to adjust for different size products. A digital counter ensures the exact repeatability of the setting.
• Minor adjustments due to material variances (such as bottle diameter) can be performed easily and promptly.

Material specifications
Refer to the material specifications table on the technical reference catalogue in the downloads area.

Technical specifications
• Aluminum disk: 7” diameter disk with a 1/2” thick polyurethane cover.
• Adjustment: via a hand wheel with digital position indicator, 0.005″ horizontal travel per counter digit.
• Adjustment range: refer to drawings.
• DC gear motor: 1/2HP with electronic speed control.
• Variable speed: 15 to 30 rpm.
• Input electrical power: 120 vac, 3 amps.
• Component specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

Ordering information
1. Electrical hardware and electronic speed control are included.
2. For custom parts provide wheel diameter, speed adjustment, and size and weight of package or product.

Spacing wheel

AESW Spacing wheel
C=1-3/8 – 4”
AESWC Custom spacing wheel