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• Components presence and/or location verification.


• The QAcheck uses the UniPost as the base for the inspection system.
• Different types of inspections include: missing cap, skew cap, missing foil, missing cotton, high cotton, missing vial stopper, downed bottle, inverted bottle, gross under-fill, missing label, missing print, and bar code.
• The UniPost can be adjusted for different sizes of products by using the top hand-wheel. It provides a numeric counter that can be used to record different set-up adjustments, thus ensuring the exact repeatability of the setting.
• It is capable of further expansion, both in controls capabilities as in mechanical functions. The QAcheck will send a signal to activate a reject station (sold separately). This output signal will be controlled by the QAcheck program, which will keep track of the product to be rejected by means of an encoder. This feature does not depend on a timer or conveyor speed, allowing one-point adjustment in almost all situations.

• By rotating a single hand-wheel, the operator can adjust for different size products. A digital counter ensures the exact repeatability of the setting.
• Minor adjustments due to material variances (such as bottle diameter) can be performed easily and promptly.

Material specifications
Refer to the material specifications table on the technical reference catalogue in the downloads area.

Technical specifications
• Microprocessor control, capable of future communication with either a central computer or a PLC network.
• Indicating stack lights:
• Green: in operation.
• Red: system halt due to an alarm.

Electrical panel
• Construction: stainless steel 304, gage 16.
• Smooth, round edges on all parts to prevent insulation damage.
• Quick release clamp on side of the door to exclude liquids and contaminants.
• Oil resistant neoprene gasket along the perimeter of the door (bonded with oil resistant adhesive).

• All wires are identified and placed in appropriate wire ducts.
• All cables end on a wire terminal.
• Fuses for component protection.

• Consecutive rejects alarm:
• An internal counter sets the maximum allowable number of consecutive rejects.
• An alarm output triggers the red indicating stack light.
• Dry contact provided to stop equipment and/or conveyor.
• Reject verification alarm:
• The reject alarm activates when the non-compliant product is not rejected.
• Dry contact provided to stop equipment and/or conveyor.
Component specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

Ordering information
1. Combine the necessary applications from each family of products. Other combinations available, consult factory.




QAcheck verification devices


Cap verification
MC – Missing cap
SC – Skew cap
MF – Missing foil
AEUP MC HC Cotton verification
MC – Missing cotton
HC – High cotton
AEUP MV MR Vial verification
MV – Missing vial stopper
MR – Missing ring
AEUP DB IB Bottle orientation
DB – Downed bottle
IB – Inverted bottle
AEUP ML MP Label verification
ML – Missing label
MP – Missing print
AEUP BC Bar code verification

QAcheck accessories


Extended leg
Reject devices Refer to reject devices section on page AE 10.
Reject containers Refer to reject receivers section on page AE 13.