• Provide a gap in consecutive conveyors to prevent spilled product for reaching downstream equipment.
• Rotate round containers.
• Mechanical cap inspection system.
• Provide access for marking and inspecting the bottom of containers.
• End transfers for unstable products.


The system consists of two parallel belts, with variable speed. These belts are adjusted horizontally until they contact the product, squeezing it with a minimum force.

• By rotating a hand-wheel, the operator can open or close each side of the gap transporter
independently (dual motor) or both sides at the same time (single motor) to adjust for different size products.
• A digital counter ensures the exact repeatability of the setting.
• Minor adjustments due to material variances (such as bottle diameter) can be performed easily and promptly.

Material specifications
Refer to the material specifications table on the technical reference catalogue in the downloads area.

Technical specifications
• Adjustment range: refer to drawings.
• DC gear motor:
• 18” gap transporter: dual 1/8 HP.
• 38” gap transporter: dual 1/4 HP.
• 38” gap transporter: single 1/2 HP.
• Electronic variable speed control: 40-80 FPM.
• Input power: 110 VAC.
• 18” gap transporter: 3 amps.
• 38” gap transporter: 6 amps.
• Rubber timing belt: 1” wide (red color).
• Timing pulleys: nickel plated.
• Aluminum base to be mounted to an existing conveyor.
• SS covers.
Component specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

Ordering information
1. Electrical hardware and electronic speed control are included.
2. For custom parts, refer to requested information on drawings.

Gap transporter-1” timing belt
AEGP 018 DMA 18” gap transporter, double motor
Orientation A:
A=3/4”, B=1-5/8”
AEGP 018 DMB 18” gap transporter, double motor
Orientation B:
A=3/4”, B=1-5/8”
AEGP 018 DMC Custom 18” gap transporter

Gap transporter-2’’ timing belt

AEGP 038 DM 38” gap transporter,
double motor
XX=1/2” to 7”,
ZZ=30” to 51”
AEGP 038 DMC Custom gap transporter, double motor
AEGP 038 SM 18ӯ turntable
Height = 36” ± 1-1/2”
XX= Product width ± 1/2”
Maximum product
width = 6”
Minimum product
width = 1”
ZZ=30” to 51”
AEGP 038 SMC Custom gap transporter, single motor
XX= Product width ± 1/2”
AEGP 038 SM QA 38” single motor
quick adjustment
XX=1/2” to 7”,
ZZ=30” to 45”
AEGP 038 SM QAC Custom single motor
quick adjustment
Custom part ordering information:
• Gap transporter length
• Size and weight of package or product


Gap transporter accessories
AEGP 018 FS Floor stand for 18”
gap transporter
Z=30” to 44-5/8”