Reject a bottle that is lying down or upside down from the conveyor.


Bottle down verification
• Only rejects lying down bottles, not upside down bottles.
• Consists of a detour of the straight path on the conveyor by means of a custom engineered guide.
• The guide is placed such that the height of a lying down bottle is lower than the bottom of the guide.
• The detour provides a centripetal force to the bottle which, if lying down, exits the conveyor under the guide.

Bottle down and upside down bottle verification
• Three photo-eyes (one trigger for bottle presence, one for lying down bottle sensing, and the other for upside down bottle sensing) verify the right orientation of the product.

Material specifications
Refer to the material specifications table on the technical reference catalogue in the downloads area.

Technical specifications
Bottle down verification
• UHMW-PE guide with stainless steel base.
• SS base attached permanently to the conveyor side.
• Bottle down guide system positioned with guiding pins.
• No tools required to change guide system for different size bottles.

Bottle down and upside down bottle verification
• Adjustable base:
• SS and anodized aluminum parts.
• Ratchet handle for height adjustment.
• Controls:
• Photo-eyes and fiber optics sensors.
• Stainless steel box for wiring and pneumatic valve.
• All wires identified and placed in appropriate wire ducts.
• All cables end in a wire terminal.
• Fuses for component protection.
Component specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

Design recommendations
The bottle down verification system should be placed on a section of the conveyor where there is no product back-up.

Ordering information
1. Product specifications required for each product size: width, length, height and weight.
2. Mounting hardware included.
3. Reject system not included with the bottle down verification. For reject ordering information, refer to reject devices and XirPak control panel.

Bottle down verification


Bottle down verification
Ordering information:
• Size of package or product

Bottle down and upside down bottle verification


Bottle down and upside down bottle verification
XX=3” to 6”, YY=9”
AEQA VBDE CXXYY Custom electronic system

Bottle down accessories

Reject containers

Refer to reject receivers section.

Reject systems Refer to reject devices section.
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