Equipment Safety

AutoPak equipment’s are design to comply with machinery safety standards: Designs, manufactures and installs a comprehensive range of high quality machine guards, including bespoke guarding, standard machine shop guards and modular perimeter guarding system.  All are designed and installed to comply with the latest health and safety requirements.

  • “Zero Access Guarding” with double channel.  Our designs meet the highest safety requirements in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 up to PL e, IEC 62061 up to SILCL 3 and IEC 61508 up to SIL 3.”

Implementation of Machine Safeguarding on existing equipment

  • Up-date existing equipment with safety guards to protect the operator from the machine’s hazardous components.
  • With the upgrade the machine has a safety circuit that monitors it’s E-Stops and guard doors. This safety circuit needs to be closed (or reset) for the machine to operate and to reset this circuit all guard doors must be closed and no e-stop can be actuated. A BLUE pilot light on the reset push button indicates when the machine’s safety circuit requires to be reset. With the safety circuit reset, machine operation can be started.

Light curtains and light barriers are a simple solution for machine guarding.

  • System components like robotic cells, transfers and actuators are completely enclosed by safety-interlocked doors.
  • The guards have access doors that include interlocks to ensure that the doors are closed for the system to start and while the systems operate.
  • If a door is opened, electrical and pneumatic power is removed from all the components inside the guards.
  • The only systems that keep operating are the robot and de-stacker vacuums. If any of the circuits is opened (door opened or e-stop activated) all power is removed from moving components inside the system’s guard.
  • A reset is required to reengage the safety relays after they are open. For this reset, all guard doors must be closed and all e-stops disengage.

Contact our Safety Specialist for assessment on which standards applies to your machine.