About Us

In our 40,000 ft2 building we maintain in-house control of all project stages: design (electrical and mechanical), manufacturing, panel building, assembly, FAT, documentation, training, installation and commissioning.

Since AutoPak’s inception, the basic philosophy has been to work closely with clients, providing a phased approach to automation based on their needs while offering single-source responsibility.

We are committed to provide simple and robust solutions to customers’ automation needs, providing the highest value combination of premium products and fastest service.  AutoPak is devoted to excellence in each system, part, project and service rendered to our customers.

AutoPak’s solutions are designed to meet specific your requirements.  If you so desire we are available for a complimentary analysis of your packaging area.

AutoPak Engineering Corporation manufactures a range of material handling technology including custom automation equipment, sanitary stainless steel conveyors, packing lines ancillary equipment and performs integration services for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. Its entire range of automation solutions ensure flexibility, consistency and quality for the conveying of small- to medium-sized products. With over 25 years of engineering expertise, AutoPak’s solutions are designed to meet specific customer requirements. AutoPak also troubleshoots and trains customers in the proper use and maintenance of its products.